Carson Odell Lee


Physical Address

Room 2009
Centennial Engineering Center
Building # 112 on the UNM map

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering


PhD, Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, 2014

MS, Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2010

BS, Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico, 2007


Carson Lee is a Postdoc working under Dr. Kerry Howe at the Center for Water and the Environment (CWE). His recent research has focused on optimizing biological processes in rapid sand filters used to treat drinking water. Carson’s main focus has been on the biological removal of trace levels of pesticides in groundwater and on the nitrification process for biological ammonium and nitrite removal. Besides biological removal of organic and inorganic compounds in oligotrophic environments, Carson has also focused on various treatment processes for removing trace organic compounds of concern in wastewater. His other areas of research interest include different chemical/physical/biological water treatment processes, development of biological assays for determining treatment process performance, and microbial water quality assessment.

Research Interests

  • Chemical/Physical/Biological water treatment processes
  • Nitrification in biological rapid sand fillers
  • Microbial water quality assessment
  • Removal of trace organic compounds for water reuse purposes
  • Biological removal of pesticides in oligotrophic environments