Outreach and Hands-On Activities

The center has developed innovative hands-on engineering activities which are delivered not only to students during local recruiting visits to K-12 schools and STEM-focused events, but also to community and industry stakeholders. The trailer used to transport the activities and the developed hands-on activities are shown and described in Figure 1 and Figure 2, respectively. The activities are delivered by faculty, undergraduate and graduate students that are funded through the center and that also serve as role models to student participants. Lecture notes, instructions and training videos were prepared to facilitate the delivery of the demonstrations in a regionally relevant context and also lending the activities to external entities in the future. Events in which the center participates in a regular basis are listed in Table 1.  Additional to these events, the center coordinates hands-on demonstrations and tours to the Environmental and Water Resources labs for student groups visiting UNM through the Engineering Student Success Center in the School of Engineer (http://ess.unm.edu). 

Table 1:  Annual Outreach Events

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

UNM Water Day – STEM Collaborative   Center

Expanding Your Horizons Event

American Society of Civil   Engineers Dream Big Event

Discover STEM Week – National   Museum of Nuclear History

UNM School of Engineering Open   House

NM STEM Fiesta – Explora

Rio Rancho Children’s Water   Festival – City of Rio Rancho


Big Brothers Big Sisters of   Central New Mexico 2017 Discovery Festival


Math Moves U – UNM School of   Engineering



trailer for hands-on

Figure 1:  Trailer to transport hands-on demonstrations.

overview of hands on

Figure 2:  Description of hands-on demonstrations and their interconnections.