Hydraulics Lab Equipment

Hydraulics Lab

The lab’s centerpiece is a steel 8-foot by 50-foot tilting table with an articulated center 2.5 foot above the floor. The 8-foot width allows model channel curvature and junctions. Slope from the 0 to 10 percent is adjustable by hydraulic jacks. The table has a finform top face. The tilting table site above a 2 x 2-foot recirculation channel and 360 cubic-foot sump. A 6-inch, 10-HP air-cooled pump provides primary model flow. A 4-inch flexible pipe from a 5-HP submersible pump and a 2-inch flexible line from a ¼-HP submersible pump supply auxiliary flow. A 5-inch adjustable overhead pipe allows elevated delivery. Submersible structures are modeled in a 35 cubic-foot portable Plexiglas tank.

The lab makes extensive use of material salvaged from Sandia, Los Alamos and other UNM labs. Model components constructed of a sheet metal, wood and Plexiglas are assembled on the tilting table. Component recycling makes subsequent constructions less capital-intensive.

Discharge is measured with the following meters:

  • Marsh-McBirney Magnetic Flowmeter, Model 201
  • ISCO Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter, model 3410
  • Dieterich Standard Annubar Flow Sensor, model GCR25, with an Eagle Eye pneumatic local flow indicator
  • Teledyne Gurley Current Meters, models 622 and 625, with Teledyne Gurley Flow Velocity Indicator
  • model 1100, and AquaCalc Stream Flow Computer, model 5000, v.2.1

Check out this link for YouTube videos on the lab.