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Environmental Laboratories

photo: UNM Centennial Engineering Building, exterior view.

The Environmental Engineering (Env-Eng) labs are located on UNM Main Campus in the Centennial Engineering Center (building #112) and include the following labs: CENT 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2022, 2024, and 2026. Faculty research groups include Drs. Kerry Howe, Andy Schuler, Jose Cerrato, Ricardo Gonzalez-Pinzon, Anjali Mulchandani, and Bruce Thomson.

Safe use and access to these labs for environmental engineering and Center for Water and the Environment research groups are maintained through training and coordination through Environmental Lab Manager, Katelin Fisher.

Above all, we value a strong safety culture and research integrity. See below for guidelines for Env-Eng labs users.

Lab Manager: Katelin Fisher (; office CENT 2009

New Lab Users

To gain access to the Env-Eng labs, all researchers should coordinate with the Lab Manager and complete the following:

1. Read and sign-on to the Env-Eng Chemical Hygiene Plan (Env-Eng CHP)

  • Env-Eng CHP found here:

2. Complete the following online lab safety training courses on Learning Central

These courses must be searched manually once you are logged into your Learning Central* portal.

Learning Central website:

  • Laboratory Safety (ONLINE COURSE EHS Lab Safety)
  • Chemical Safety (ONLINE COURSE EHS Chem Safety)
  • Hazard Communication (ONLINE COURSE EHS Hazard Communication)
  • Eyewashes and Safety Showers (ONLINE COURSE EHS Eyewashes and Safety Showers)
  • Laboratory Compressed Gas Safety (ONLINE COURSE EHS Lab Compressed Gas Safety)
  • Fume Hood Safety (ONLINE COURSE EHS Fume Hood Safety)

* If you do not have access to Learning Central, coordinate with the Lab Manager for further instructions.

3. Complete lab safety walk-through and get swipe card access to labs with Lab Manager

Current Lab Users

  • All Env-Eng lab users will be required to complete annual lab safety refresher training as outlined by the Lab Manager and advisor.
  • Additional training may be required for specific chemicals, procedures, or pieces of equipment in the labs.
  • All lab users will be added to the ENVENG-L listserv (
  • All lab users are encouraged to attend group lab meetings announced by the Lab Manager via email: